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RecordIDRecordTypeDateFirstnameSurnameRelationOccupationRecord description
MAR-560Marriages 15 November 1815 Thomas Hipgrave Witness 15 Nov 1815 James King married Charlotte Hipgrave. Witness 1 Thomas Hipgrave. Witness 2 Charlotte Kingsley.
MAR-592Marriages 13 May 1821 Thomas Hipgrave Witness 13 May 1821 James Hipgrave married Ann Lake. Witness 1 Thomas Hipgrave. Witness 2 Ann Poulter.
MAR-618Marriages 18 January 1826 Thomas Hipgrave Husband 18 Jan 1826 Thomas Hipgrave married Abigail Lake. Witness 1 Abram Kingsley. Witness 2 Eliza Hipgrave.
BAP-2805Baptisms 25 December 1826 Thomas Hipgrave FatherWheelwright25 Dec 1826 William Hipgrave Son of Thomas & Abigail of Pirton baptised. Father's occupation: Wheelwright.
BAP-2874Baptisms 6 December 1829 Thomas Hipgrave FatherWheelwright6 Dec 1829 James Hipgrave Son of Thomas & Abigail of Pirton baptised. Father's occupation: Wheelwright.
DIR-11Trade directories 1832 Thomas Hipgrave  Wheelwright1832 Thomas Hipgrave. Occupation: Wheelwright.
DIR-12Trade directories 1832 Thomas Hipgrave  Shopkeepers & dealers in groceries & sundries1832 Thomas Hipgrave. Occupation: Shopkeepers & Dealers In Groceries & Sundries.
C1841-6941841 census 1841 Thomas Hipgrave HeadFarmerThomas Hipgrave; Head of household; Married Male, age 45; Place of Birth; Hertfordshire; Occupation: Farmer
DIR-26Trade directories 1850 Thomas Hipgrave  Baker & grocer1850 Thomas Hipgrave. Occupation: Baker & Grocer.
PROBH-260Probate documents 1850 Thomas Hipgrave Son Will of John Hipgrave