Last Will and Testament of Alice Weedon

TestatorAlice Weedon
Date created23 December 1791
Probate date 
Bequest Total£126 0s 0d

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People mentioned in the document

Name Relationship to testator Details Signed or Mark Function
Alice Weeden Self Status: Widow, From: Pirton, County: Herts Marked  Testator
Thomas Weeden Son Bequest: Two freehold cottages occupied by william wells and henry walker, copyhold pasture called wilshires occupied by henry ward   Legatee
William Wells   Comment: Occupier of cottage of testator   Other
Henry Walker   Comment: Occupier of cottage of testator   Other
Henry Ward   Comment: Occupier of pasture called Wilshire of testator and farmhouse with all lands, grounds, hereditaments and appurtenances   Other
John Weeden Son Bequest: Farmhouse with all lands, grounds, hereditaments and appurtenances except wilshire close , occupied by henry ward, plus all household goods, chattles and personal estate   Executor
Mary Abbiss Daughter Bequest Money: £63 0s 0d
Comment: Wife of William Abbiss
William Abbiss Son in law Comment: Husband of Mary Abbiss, testator's daughter   Other
Edward Weeden Son Bequest Money: £63 0s 0d   Legatee
James Whittingstall   Occupation: Miller & mealman, From: Shitlington, County: Beds
Comment: Westmill, Shitlington, Beds
Abram Barber     Signed  Witness
Mary Barber     Signed  Witness
William Coxall     Signed  Witness

Database record number: PROBH-441
Record from Probate documents at HALS, identifier [150HW11]

Last Will and Testament:
Will conveys real (immovable) property ie land to heirs after an individual's death. Testament conveys personal (moveable) property to heirs. The term will eventually referred to both a Will and a Testament. A registered Will is an official copy made by a court clerk which is enrolled in a book.

About Probate documents: Each will or inventory has a unique record number, each person mentioned in that will is linked to the unique record number.

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