Last Will and Testament of Thos. Parkins

TestatorThos. Parkins
Date created1853
Probate date 

People mentioned in the document

Name Relationship to testator Details Signed or Mark Function
Thomas Parkins Self From: Pirton, County: Herts
Comment: This document has not been transcribed

Database record number: PROBH-350
Record from Probate documents at HALS, identifier [108HW63]

Last Will and Testament:
Will conveys real (immovable) property ie land to heirs after an individual's death. Testament conveys personal (moveable) property to heirs. The term will eventually referred to both a Will and a Testament. A registered Will is an official copy made by a court clerk which is enrolled in a book.

About Probate documents: Each will or inventory has a unique record number, each person mentioned in that will is linked to the unique record number.

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