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PROBH-263Probate documents 1733 William Dawbons   Will of Henry Hobbs
BAP-1761Baptisms 9 February 1769 William Dawson Son 9 Feb 1769 William Dawson Son of Richard & Mary baptised.
BAP-2331Baptisms 27 January 1806 William Dawson Son 27 Jan 1806 William Dawson Son of James & Elizabeth of Pirton baptised.
BAP-2349Baptisms 22 March 1807 William Dawson Son 22 Mar 1807 William Dawson Son of Richard & Ann of Pirton baptised.
MAR-613Marriages 30 January 1825 William Dawson Husband 30 Jan 1825 William Dawson married Mary Taylor. Witness 1 William Hodson. Witness 2 Mary Hodson.
MAR-624Marriages 18 May 1828 William Dawson Witness 18 May 1828 James Cherry married Mary Ann Sheppard. Witness 1 William Dawson. Witness 2 John Thrussell.
TRAN-2Transportation records 1829 William Dawson Perpetrator 1829 Convict name: William Dawson; Age: 23; Crime: Robbery; Place of crime or convict residence: Pirton; Sentence: Death But Received Clemency To Life; ShipName: Marquis Of Huntley; Date of departure: 9/04/1830; Date of Arrival: 21/8/1830; Captai
BAP-2914Baptisms 12 June 1831 William Dawson Son 12 Jun 1831 William Dawson Son of James & Sophia of Pirton baptised. Father's occupation: Labourer.
BAP-2941Baptisms 27 May 1832 William Dawson Son 27 May 1832 William Dawson Son of Samuel & Rhoda of Pirton baptised. Father's occupation: Miller.
BUR-1782Burials 14 February 1836 William Dawson   14 Feb 1836 William Dawson of Broom buried, age 3.