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RecordIDRecordTypeDateFirstnameSurnameRelationOccupationRecord description
BAP-4Baptisms Robert Groom Father Alles Groom Daughter of Robert & Ester baptised. Born 29 Sep 1671.
BUR-669Burials 9 January 1716 Robert Groom   9 Jan 1716 Robert Groom (Pentioner) buried.
BAP-806Baptisms Robert Groome Father Thomas Groome Son of Robert baptised. Born 17 Jan 1674.
BAP-838Baptisms Robert Groome Father George Groome Son of Robert & Easter baptised. Born 22 Feb 1679.
BAP-913Baptisms Robert Groome Father Judeth Groome Daughter of Robert baptised. Born 4 Mar 1691.
PROBH-367Probate documents 26 January 1674 Robert Groome   Will of William Prior
BAP-892Baptisms 4 August 1686 Robert Groome Father 4 Aug 1686 Easther Groome Daughter of Robert & Easther baptised.
BAP-898Baptisms 22 January 1687 Robert Groome Father 22 Jan 1687 John Groome Son of Robert & Ann baptised.
BAP-908Baptisms 12 July 1688 Robert Groome Father 12 Jul 1688 Susanna Groome Daughter of Robert & Easter baptised.
BUR-469Burials 24 April 1671 Robertt Groome Husband 24 Apr 1671 Elizabeth Groome Wife of Robertt Groome buried.