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RecordIDRecordTypeDateFirstnameSurnameRelationOccupationRecord description
BAP-1052Baptisms 26 October 1706 John Crouch Son 26 Oct 1706 John Crouch Son of Christopher & Mary baptised.
PROBH-26Probate documents 28 April 1715 John Crouch Great Nephew Will of Mary Ansell
PROBH-110Probate documents 1736 John Crouch Son Administration bond of Christopher Crouch
BAP-1428Baptisms 1 January 1744 John Crouch Son 1 Jan 1744 John Crouch Son of Francis & Elizabeth baptised.
PROBH-475Probate documents 29 July 1747 John Crouch   Will of William Arnold
LTX-32Land Tax 1753 John Crouch Landlord 1753 Proprieter: John Crouch, Occupier: , Tax: £ 0 6s 2d.
PROBH-427Probate documents 1756 John Crouch   Will of William Turner
MBL-272Militia List 1762 John Crouch  Cordwainer1762 John Crouch - Cordwainer of Pirton
MBL-273Militia List 1763 John Crouch  Cordwainer1763 John Crouch - Cordwainer of Pirton
MAR-314Marriages 21 June 1763 John Crouch Husband 21 Jun 1763 John Crouch married Ann Balls.