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BAP-3638Baptisms 20 September 1854 Emma Weeden Daughter 20 Sep 1854 Emma Weeden Daughter of Edith of Pirton baptised.
BAP-3727Baptisms 31 May 1857 Emma Weeden Daughter 31 May 1857 Emma Elizabeth Weeden Daughter of Sarah Ann of Whitwell baptised.
BAP-3818Baptisms 10 April 1860 Emma Weeden Daughter 10 Apr 1860 Emma Weeden Daughter of Caroline of Pirton baptised.
BUR-2166Burials 13 November 1861 Emma Weeden   13 Nov 1861 Emma Weeden of Pirton buried, age 1yr 10mths.
BAP-4043Baptisms 4 June 1865 Emma Weeden Daughter 4 Jun 1865 Emma Elizabeth Weeden Daughter of Caroline of Pirton baptised.
BAP-4317Baptisms 25 December 1871 Emma Weeden Daughter 25 Dec 1871 Emma Weeden Daughter of Eliza of Pirton baptised.
BAP-4682Baptisms 13 March 1879 Emma Weeden Mother 13 Mar 1879 Nelson Weeden Son of George & Emma of Pirton baptised. Father's occupation: Labourer.
MAR-1010Marriages 28 June 1879 Emma Weeden Wife 28 Jun 1879 Stephen Walker of Pirton married Emma Weeden of Pirton. Grooms father is Charles Walker. Witness 1 Charles Chamberlain. Witness 2 Martha Chamberlain.
C1881-38801881 census 1881 Emma Weeden DaughterScholarEmma Weeden; Daughter of Charles Titmus; Female, age 9; Place of Birth; Pirton Hertfordshire; Occupation: Scholar
BAP-4826Baptisms 25 December 1881 Emma Weeden Mother 25 Dec 1881 Rose Weeden Daughter of George & Emma of Pirton baptised. Born 18 Jun 1881. Father's occupation: Labourer.