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ADM-64School Entrants 1886 Annie Carter Child Admission year: 1886; Child: Annie Carter (date of birth -/-/1882); Parent: Charles Parent: Carter; Address: Down Town.
ADM-171School Entrants 1889 Annie Carter Child Admission year: 1889; Child: Annie Carter (date of birth 4/6/1886); Parent: Alfred Parent: Carter; Address: The Bury.
ADM-248School Entrants 1891 Annie Carter Child Admission year: 1891; Child: Annie Carter (date of birth -/4/1887); Parent: Elizabeth Parent: Carter; Address: New Road.
C1891-57241891 census 1891 Annie Carter DaughterScholarAnnie Carter; Daughter of Charles Carter; Female, age 8; Place of Birth; Datchworth Hertfordshire; Occupation: Scholar
BAP-5372Baptisms 29 September 1897 Annie Carter Daughter 29 Sep 1897 Annie Emily Carter Daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth of Pirton baptised. Born 22 Jun 1897. Father's occupation: Labourer.
ADM-512School Entrants 1899 Annie Carter Child Admission year: 1899; Child: Annie Carter (date of birth 22/5/1897); Parent: Joseph Parent: Carter; Address: Pirton.