Record from 1881 census

Schedule number: 34
Street: Pirton village
Folio: 80-112
District: 28

Name                     HS FS Relation to head Marital Status Gender Age Occupation Emp. type / home worker Place of birth Piece Record No. Comment
Sarah Cook 2 2 Head Spinster Female 58 Messenger    Pirton, Hertfordshire RG111421 C1881-3940  
Mary Cook 2 2 Sister Spinster Female 59 Strawplaiter    Pirton, Hertfordshire RG111421 C1881-3941  

About the Census records:

HS stands for Household Size - the number of people living in the household.
FS stands for Family Size - the number of people within the family. You could have more than one family living in a household.

The census gave each household a schedule number. In the database each person has their own unique record number and is also linked to its schedule number.

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